Applying to College? Get your Degree in SHRED! and check out top 10 list for ski/snowboard Colleges

Choosing colleges is a lot like choosing friends, you want to be compatible and also have some of the same interests while obviously having a killer time. And that is what college is about having fun and getting a chance to do some personal growing away from ole Mommy and Daddy. If SHREDDING! is part of your yearly ritual or you can not do without the snow for elongated amounts of time your in luck Freeskier has gone on and made us a  Top 10 Ski/Snowboard Colleges list. MAN life is great!! So how did they choose these schools you may be asking, well it wasn’t out of a hat I could tell you that much. They actually used a “scientific method” and some form of algorithm, and if your into numbers they go into how they came up with the answers a bit more in the article. Now if you read the list and think to your self “Whaaat where is my school, we shred just as hard?”. Don’t get your undies in a bunch University of Vermont, my alma mater didn’t even make the cut. For that I say look to the future they make this list every year and each time it gives us a little something different, so who knows maybe your school will make the cut come 2015.


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